The most important rules in horse racing betting

General horse betting rules: They can be replaced by special regulations. It comes to rules relating primarily to the different types of bets. These will be analysed with the associated conditions now a little further. Before we discuss the types of bets, we would like to have an important question that surely every gamer in the field of horse betting has already asked to get closer.

What happens when two horses to win a race?

Basic refers to this event as a dead heat. One speaks of a dead heat, when two or more horses at the same level with no apparent distance to the target arrive. Nevertheless, how this affects the profits? It may happen so that you are paid less than you invested in the race, even though your prediction has been correct in itself.

Bet types – rules

First Win / loss record of a selected horse (win)

Should a horse before it is under the “starter Order” is, or it is regarded as non-runner, so all bets are on that horse as invalid. If you have placed a winning bet on favourites, it must decide the horse races.
Head-to-Head betting this is considered the horse with the best placement as a winner. If the case will collapse the horse to stop or yield their riders, so the horse will determine the winner, which is the furthest forward. All bets will be void insofar as one or both horses do not give up before they are located under the “starter Order.” The bet is also considered invalid if the starter classifies horses as non-runner.

Place bets (Place)

The place bet is a very popular horse betting horse betting for many fans. Here must be your horse at a number of starters by eight horses in the top three places for you to win your bet. Should take less than eight starters against each other, there must be your favourite of the first two places.

Exacta (Exacta)

When you determine the exact order of the incoming horses. Here you tell the intake of the first two horses before the race.

Trifecta (Trifecta)

The trifecta is to be regarded as an extension of the Exacta. Here you need to determine the exact order of the first three places in the race. If your order is incorrect, the bet is won.


They determined the exact order of the first four places of horseracing. This is subject, of course, a certain degree of difficulty. The bet is paid at the online horse betting providers with high odds. If your order is correct, you can enjoy on big profits.


In this type of bet, your job is to predict two racehorses that must appear in any order among the top three.

Finish bet

When finish bet is a combination bet. Here you need to determine in three consecutive races the respective winners of the race. Not an easy task. Betting experts play this form of betting rare, yet the very high odds tempting.